Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cars Themed 2nd Birthday Party for My Grandson!

Hi Everyone! This year my grandson turned 2 and we did a cars themed birthday party. I love how everything turned out. The invitations were made by a gal on Etsy. She is called Printables to you if you are interested in getting some made. She was very reasonable.I paid $7.99 for invitations and thank you notes!! :0) The red rectangle that you see in the center is my home address and telephone number that I blocked out. Also, the invitations are printed on 4x6 photo paper and then cut into half so you get 2 per 4 x 6.
This is a photo of the party. The checkered banner I purchased on Ebay. What a time saver that was. I cut out my grandson's name and " I am 2" for another banner on my Silhouette Cameo so it went super fast. 
 For the cupcakes, I purchase the checkered flags toothpicks on Ebay and then then darling rings of Lightening Mcqueen and Mater. I made the roads out of crushed Oreo cookies and piped on a bit of grass and lines in the road with frosting.

This is a picture of the table setting from a better view.

This is the black and white wall tires that I made using powered sugar and chocolate donuts.
The water bottles were super easy to make. The checkered pattern is duck tape and the stickers I purchased on Ebay from the seller Prettypersonalized.

 This is another close up of the cake, cupcakes, carrot sticks and M&M's. I got the cute ideas to name everything from Pinterest.
These darling stoplight cookies I made with chocolate wafers and frosting to help stick on the M&M's.

These were Bugles to represent cones when you are racing.

                                           The Twizlers represent tow cables.
I did a refueling station and then popcorn as a snack too.

                                         Here's another closeup of the table.

This is a close up of the smash cake that I made using the same decorations and the cupcakes, but I purchased the car and city scape from my local bakery. I didn't realize that you can just purchase the decoration only instead of the whole cake and you can! :0)
Such a hard worker, even in the middle of his party, he wanted to help mow the lawn ! ;0)

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  1. OMG Grandma Julie. YOU totally came up with so many awesome ideas for Jason's 2nd birthday. I really don't think you could've done anything more My goodness girl you thought of everything I'm awestruck by your total presentation. WOW!! he's such a cutie!!