Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thank You Card With Video Message

Hi Everyone! I am so excited to share this new fun thing that I found!!! Did you know that you can add a video message to your cards??!! Yep, it true!! I had NO IDEA! I was shopping in Michael's the other day and came across a clearance aisle that had Sizzex Talking Tags. I read the back and it said that I could do a recorded message and put the sticker with the QR code in my card and anyone with a Smart Phone could hear the message. I only bought one because I wasn't sure how they would work. I went home tried it and fell in love. I went back the next day to purchase more. they were almost out, but I noticed something...they had video tags!! Say what??!!! Video tags?!!! Yep!! So I can record a video message!! They are so much fun! Take a peek at my video and card to see how they work. XOXO

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