Friday, February 4, 2011

Rock Star and Asian Style Purses!

Hi Everyone! I made two very different style purses for two lovely people in my life. The pink one is for my niece who will be turning 16 next month. She is super talented and loves to craft herself. The second one is for my dear friend Krafty Katsy who underwent a bone marrow transplant and has been recovering. I wanted to do something so special for her and I know that she really enjoys Asian themes so that's what I decided on. I also added a picture of a purse purse that I made for my for niece who is turning one. To see a video description of the items that I used and a video on how to make the flowers, please click on the video below:

Enjoy!! XOXO, Julie.


  1. WOW!!! What a beautiful collection and how wonderful of a gift, I know they will just adore them I will say that my favorite is the 1st one pink rocker, I am such a "Rock Star" lol at least in my house lol!! thanks for the great inspiration :)