Sunday, August 30, 2009

Flip Flip Card

This card was inspired from a gal who sent in a card for the current mission that Compassionate Cards is working on called IFPOA. I think she did a beautiful job and thought that I would love to try and see what I could create. Thanks so much for watching! XOXO, Julie. :0)


  1. Cute, but why didn't you use an old fashioned paper piercer or eyelet setter set... (to make the hole)

    And thanks for you comment again! I've bought these a few weeks ago, and i do have a lot of ribbon spools in racks allready, but in these are my multi-colour spools (with 3 colors ribbon on 1 spool)... the cheap ones so to speak. LOL

    anyway, hope to speak to you soon again!
    luv, XOXO
    ps; my room is allmost ready, so more on my blog soon!!

  2. I could have done an eyelet setter or a paper piercer. I just didn't think of it at the time and just grabbed what was in front of me! :0) When I do my videos and things I have to move eveything downstairs and carry it back up to clear off my dining room table. It's a pain! LOL

  3. Your tutorials are very nice!!

    Thank you so much for the box full of wonderful Goodies!!!
    Wow! What a treat. I will have to post a link for you when I use some of the products!!!

    Have a GREAT WEEEKEND!!!

  4. Than it's pretty understanding why not take all tools with ya!! I won't do that either when i have to "move" every time... :D

    no new blog things yet... :(
    i'm missing you allready Juul!!

    btw, why not being a follower on my blog, would be great! :D